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Rupert’s experience with ‘the wave’

I’ve been twice to the Bristol wave pool ‘the wave‘.

And it’s been a lot of fun!

Previously the only other wave pool I had actually tried was in Wales at surf Snowdonia.

Which was actually a lot of fun as you can see from the post link above.

What’s made me a lot more excited about Bristol‘s version, is that the technology is far more advanced and there are various different settings.

Wave riding started with me very early and I’ve been in some pretty serious stuff over the years meaning all I wanted to do was ride on the expert mode in Bristol but had to also use the advanced setting due to booking constraints. So book early!

Rupert Hambly dropknee riding

I ride waves bodysurfing, bodyboarding, dropknee, longboarding and SUP. For me personally expert mode is basically tailor-made for bodyboarding, shortboard and dropknee riding due to the barrel and air sections, I mean you can get barrelled every single wave and launch into an aerial manoeuvre every single wave which is a ton of fun.

The advanced setting is ideal for a longboard due to the slightly easier takeoff and nice sections to cut back on although can be a bit flat for other boards.

It’s a beautiful set up which enables beginners (with instructors and great for the family), intermediate riders and experts to all enter the water at the same time due to the three different entry points. 

Rupert Hambly surfing

As you can see from the photos we had a great time and hopefully in the near future they are willing to crank it up another notch in terms of size and power… apparently the technology allows it, just depends on the health and safety regulations. 

I’m looking forward to teaching my daughter there when we are not able to get to a surfing beach. 

Your coach,

Rupert Hambly

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