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Increase HGH, power and fitness with this drill.

We hear headlines like this all the time don’t we?

Well without the nonsense I’m hear to tell you it’s scientific fact that this drill will do what the headline states.

Although this is an advanced exercise that should only be attempted by those capable. Capable meaning: Training age higher than 3 years, can perform all primal pattern movements efficiently and no orthopaedic issues hampering control among other things…

Without going into a long explanation on anatomy, physiology and drive phases… What I will say is that sufficiently stimulating type 2B fibres over the correct number of sets, as well as pushing yourself within your particular targeted heart rate threshold (lets say 70-90% as a general guide for this drill) will do the job.

Below is a race model built off the (arguably) greatest sprinter of all times best race of all time. It can help you improve your sprinting by fine tuning phases, shin angles and output:

  • Aim for 1-3 times per week depending on your ability levels and training age.
  • Focus on absolute maximum output (which is relative to you, no one else)
  • 10 seconds tornado ball action.
  • 4-10 seconds sprint.
  • 90 seconds recovery walk between sets.
  • 5-8 rounds.

Check out the video here:

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