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Your Easter Holiday workout!

It’s the Easter holidays. You’re eating too much crap and need a short calorie burning session to help you during your holiday travels.


1. If you let yourself drift back to bad patterns again, it’ll be harder to take up the good ones when you’re back.
2. Depending on your age (and training age) you will lose some of the progress you made before you went away.


1. Wake up 30 minutes earlier than everyone else and get it done before they wake up. This ensures the activity.
2. Have your plan for the workout so that you don’t even need to think about it upon waking. This means zero faffing around and enables you to get straight to the objective at hand.

Providing you’re capable, this is a great little circuit if done with intensity. The plus point is that it requires no equipment which means zero excuses wherever you are:

All in circuit fashion with a 60 second break at the end and 5 sets total:

Walking lunges 20 reps
Push ups 10 reps
Prone cobra hold 60 seconds
Plank hold 20 seconds (a real plank tightening everything from the neck down)

It’s simple, it’s fast and done with intensity will get you what you need for the holiday. Perform every other day.

I wouldn’t recommend anything I wouldn’t do myself…


Enjoy the journey

Rupert Hambly

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