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Why you must avoid toxic deodorants!

Sweating naturally helps the body to stay cool, eliminate toxins and even clean the skin’s pores.

Sweat smells because of bacteria living in our armpits breaking down its lipids and amino acids into substances that have a distinct odour.

Most commercial deodorants contain Aluminium, harmful preservatives and other toxic chemicals which literally ‘block’ our sweat glands and kill beneficial armpit bacteria.

When put on our skin they enter the bloodstream without any filtering which may actually be worse than eating them! When we eat, enzymes in the saliva and stomach help flush toxins out of the body and our skin doesn’t have the same filtering system.

Long term exposure may have a negative impact on your health. Research shows a link between aluminium and alteration to DNA and even cancer (see references below).

So why not ditch the chemicals and opt for a completely natural alternative?


I have been experimenting with all sorts natural deodorants and have come up with a completely natural and handmade formula which contains only nourishing ingredients including coconut oil, essential oils and baking soda, which also gives you 24hr protection.

Can’t wait to try one? Vita handmade deodorants are available in our online shop, click HERE for more details and information.

Finally remember these few tips:

  • Be aware of the food you eat as it has a great impact on your sweat smell. Processed, fatty and sugary foods are the main culprits!
  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated at all times to keep your body cool
  • Maintain good hygiene by washing regularly and dry your skin fully to avoid bacterial and fungal growth

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