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How to get back into your exercise routine after holiday

You’re back. You may not be looking forward to the treadmill of work that comes with that and the fitness levels you reached before you went away have left you.

How do you get back on track?

Dont feel down because it’s far easier and more enjoyable than you think. The training you put in before you went away would have given you a nice base conditioning to work from and your body can spring back faster than those that did nothing. And if you’re starting from the beginning, this is a great opportunity to make a fresh start!

Here’s some tips so that within 2 weeks you’ll be feeling better than ever about training again:


  • Get excited about setting new goals.

You’ve had time away and that’s also time for relaxation and reflection. This often allows us to then know what’s really important and essential to us in life. Your training can also benefit from this.

Write down your fitness goals for the next 6 months to a year with a monthly goal to reach. Be realistic but also make sure you challenge yourself and visualise yourself getting there. How does that feel? Exciting? If it doesn’t, choose a goal that does feel exciting!

If you need extra help in goal setting, click HERE.



  • Schedule your training

Now you know what you want, scheduling training is essential. In your professional life you probably know just how important that calendar of yours is for getting things done and so your health and fitness goals are no different!

As you can see from the above picture, we set the schedule with our clients for optimal results based on their availability. So be realistic on just how much time you can dedicate to training and optimise a training protocol based on that time. Then the decision for when you will go to the gym is now made and excuses will be a thing of the past.


  • Get specific

Too many people just jump into some random exercise classes or some trainers cookie cutter workout of the day and end up not getting the results they want and losing hope.

Because you’ve set your goals and scheduled how much time you’ll have to train, it’s now easy to get specific about what exercises and methods to use to get you there. This is very exciting because every week you can see an improvement when following the plans.

It’s now a great time for your training!

Rupert Hambly


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