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Try this variation for an added sting to your push-ups

Push ups! Everyone’s favourite go to body weight exercise but as great as the push up is, it can get a little stale after a while. So for those of you who want a stronger chest, core and improved flexibility give the Scorpion Push up a try!


This advanced push-up will open up your hips, upper back and help you improve your co-ordination as you learn to shift the weight to one side of your body more than the other. It will also help you start to transition from two-arm to one-arm push-ups as it helps to isolate a single pectoral muscle at a time.


How to perform:

• bring the body into the Push-up position
• the hands are directly below the shoulders, arms are stretched out
• place the feet hip width apart and position the legs behind your upper body
• your body forms a line from head to heels
• brace the abs, squeeze your glutes and bend the arms slowly
• bring most of your body weight on the hands
• then guide one bent leg up above the other leg and towards the back
• the upper body and hip turn with the movement
• hold up the tension and try not to lose balance
• bring back the foot whilst stretching the arms until you reach the start position
• after that, go on to the next rep with the other side
• do this repeatedly

Be sure to simultaneously twist at the hips AND shoulders, NOT at your lower back. It also helps to squeeze the glute of your trail leg. This move takes a lot of core strength and control but is well worth the challenge.

Enjoy folks 🙂

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