Rupert Hambly




Dedicated to help you achieve


I’m a health and performance coach, who helps career and family focused professionals who want to be within the top 5% of health, fitness, performance and self mastery, achieve exactly that.

For those who are already there, I help keep you on the path and walk it with you.

What is an RHHP health and performance coach?

I’m a professional who can help you improve your physical and mental health. I can address health, wellness and fitness levels as well as help you achieve their performance goals… Either in each individual area or as an integrated holistic process.

I provide a variety of techniques and strategies to help you, such as setting goals, developing customised training plans, nutrition coaching, providing education and support, behaviour modification and helping you overcome barriers to success.


As a family business we are passionate and dedicated to deliver the very best methods and protocols for optimal health and performance. We are totally committed to enhancing our clients lives by addressing all areas of health and fitness with our holistic system.

We provide everything our clients need to reach their goals and so are the go to experts for those that are serious about results.

Your goals become our goals and using cutting edge multidisciplinary methods to help you, we can guarantee them! 

I learn from the best and continue to grow and learn all the time. Then I integrate all of this into my coaching to help you get the best results possible. My goal is to help you reach your goals through using my many years of practical experience and the most cutting edge information out there.


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