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Nicholas Poulastides
Health and perfomance coach

Nicholas's mission in life is to share his passion for health and fitness in order to teach and help people in achieving their ultimate goals. From pain management, advanced movement skills to improving your life, he’s here to help you go all the way.

He had a transformation from being an overweight teenager to an accomplished athlete. After training with long distance running and conventional gym training, with a vast amount of willpower, he then discovered the art of Parkour (also known as free-running) and instantly fell in love with the “extreme sport” and the community behind it. He ran classes for the Parkour community, which involved functional, strength and conditioning training in preparation for safe free running.
Whilst perfecting parkour, he developed a love for callisthenics and functional body weight training which led him to yoga. Nick has now intensely practised Kundalini yoga, Ashtanga yoga and Bikram yoga.

Nicholas has an amazing ability to take complex movements and break them down to their fundamental understanding. Through years of honing his techniques with parkour, yoga, weight training and complex movement, he's able to teach clients super effectively and help them reach their goals safely.

Main interest outside of health and fitness: Philosophy and Technology

Best travel experience: South Africa

Greatest recent accomplishment: Working with Special Educational Need (SEN) children. Worked with a girl from the age of 2 to 6 years old and was privileged to watch her grow and help with her learning.

Favourite Movie: The Princess Bride

  • info@ruperthamblyhealthandperformance.com
  • 02081230820
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Rupert has advanced experiences with training methods ranging from athletics, swimming, martial arts, wave riding of various forms, ‘extreme sports’ and many others, he has regularly been used for sports adverts in the past due to his various abilities in a plethora of areas and has an intense study ethic that has led to an incredible passion for understanding human health and performance.

This zest for understanding and integrating the experiences, knowledge and practical application of what improves our Physical, Psychological, Chemical and Spiritual self has also led to another passion: Helping others improve their life by using these methods.

This has led Rupert to create Rupert Hambly Health and Performance. A company that is totally dedicated to empowering people by using all the tried and tested knowledge and years of experience that his team has.

As a C.H.E.K Practitioner Rupert’s belief is that any coach is only as good as the results they get for their clients and this belief is at the very core of Rupert Hambly Health and Performance. He learns from the best to give his clients the best.

Main interest outside of health and fitness:
Travel, Astronomy/Cosmology

Best travel experience:

Greatest recent personal accomplishment:
Skydiving 16,000 feet to beat fear of flying and having a daughter

Favourite Movie:
Raiders of the lost Ark

Anca Vrabie
Health and Performance coach

Anca has a true passion to help others achieve their highest potential.

She loves to inspire, encourage and help motivate anyone that truly wants to be their best. Totally dedicated to education and practical application of cutting edge information in the health and fitness industry, she provides everlasting support for those on the path of change.

Her journey began when she was dissatisfied with her shape as a teenager and then decided to do something about it. And that was an understatement. Totally focused on learning and applying the latest weight training, functional work, strength and conditioning and corrective exercise science, she transformed herself and those she continues to help.

Building confidence and taking people to their limits is the foundation of her coaching style. Anca regularly learns from the best and also participates in sport events, as well as charity events (Wings for life – World run, Macmillan – ED&F Man football tournament).

Anca is a valued team member at RHHP as she brings total dedication, fantastic knowledge, ability and focus to every client. This once again makes our award winning system of Multi disciplinary coaching even better.

Main interest outside of health and fitness: Psychology, Personal development, Dancing.

Greatest travel experience: Portugal

Greatest recent achievement: Finishing my Management degree.

Favourite book: Iliad and the Odyssey.

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