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Learn how to use the very best whole food and organic supplements to fuel your life changes:
  • Organic

    All the supplements we offer are from organically sourced ingredients with nothing artificial and whole food based.

  • Highly bioavailable

    This means that because of minimal processing and whole food derived ingredients, you will absorb a high percentage of the nutrients. The majority of other so called supplement companies can not make this claim.

  • Zero toxins

    Because of the extremely high quality ingredients, the supplements are made with nature, not against it. Toxins associated with chemical flavours and enhancers are not present.

  • Full catalogue

    We cover ALL the bases for incredible supplementation whether you're after fat loss, athletic performance, bodybuilding or just health and vitality. We have it all.


Sabeen - posture and pain solved!

"I came to Rupert Hambly health and performance after struggling with persistent neck and shoulder spasms and pain....

Valentina - Amazing body

"Before RHHP, I had no strength, found it incredibly hard to put on muscle and was more ‘skinny fat’ than slim. Now the transformation is amazing, I’m strong, toned, beach ready but more imp...

Paula - Incredible changes!

"People said I couldn't do it but I did. RHHP showed me the path to get me to my goals. In 12 weeks I increased my positivity, energy and changed my body in an incredible way. I feel full of vita...

Hokien - Achieves the incredible!

I was riddled with illnesses and had to have an operation over a 6-month period in 2015. I lost more than 10% of my body weight, I was much weaker and my hard-trained muscle wasted away too......

Free e-book download

Free e-book download

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Free e-book download

Incredible energy now! 3 secrets to incredible energy every day

Get your free ebook now!

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Incredible energy now! 3 secrets to give you incredible energy every day

Top health and performance coach reveals insider secrets to improving your energy and focus

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